Arm lift in Tunisia

The inner arms lifting area also called brachial brachioplasty is a body cosmetic surgery that allows lifting lax skin of the inner arms: resection of excess skin, restoring skin tension and lifting of the inner arms. The arm lift is very often associated with the liposuction of the inner arms.

This arm cosmetic surgery, aims to give back to your arms their harmonious appearance, firmness and aesthetics. In case of sagging at the inner arms, liposuction alone will only increase the skin distension.

This very unsightly aspect usually occurs after a significant weight loss or in case of aging skin. For your arm lift in Tunisia, Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda will guide you through the steps to perform this beauty treatment for your arms with confidence.

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The inner arm lift or brachioplasty is ideally indicated for patients with sagging and excess skin at the inner arms with or without infiltration of underlying fat.

Arms Liposuction or arm lift? In case of skin loosening of the inside of the arm, inner arms liposuctions accentuate sagging!! It is therefore imperative to associate an inner arms lifting to liposuction to have tightened and harmonious arm.

Arm lift in Tunisia

Like thigh lift, arm lift surgery is the cosmetic surgery that allows the arms to resect excess of loose skin of the inner arms, after initially, getting an under arm liposuction. This arms lift cosmetic surgery allows tightning the internal brachial skin in order to harmonize the arms.

Arm lift

As with any surgery, the inner arms area lifting requires:

  • A pre-operative medical check.
  • For fear of delaying the healing, it is recommended to stop smoking for at least four weeks before and after surgery.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to take any treatment aspirin based throughout the ten days preceding the surgery.
  • Type of anesthesia : The arm lift is a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Terms of hospitalization: The arm lift surgery requires a hospital stay of 2 nights in the surgery clinic in Tunisia.

The arm lift meets an explicitly expressed motivation of the patient who wishes to correct the skin sagging defect and the laxness at the inner arms.

Before making the arms cosmetic surgery, we must analyze the skin and fat sagging the inner arms to select the appropriate surgical technique.

There are three inner arms lifting techniques:

  • Vertical scar technique : in case of significant excess skin.
  • Horizontal scar technique : if moderate excess skin, a modest improvement.
  • The “T” combined technique : in case of significant excess skin.
Arm lift: Vertical Technique
Arm lift: Horizontal Technique

Practically, the steps of inner arms lifting are as follows

  • Infiltration of the inner arms area by a hypotonic solution.
  • Liposuction of the inner arms.
  • Peeling skin minima and resection of the brachial excess skin.
  • Homeostasis and skin closure.
  • End of the procedure, a compression bandage will be placed over the surgical area.
Arm-lift- Combined-T-Technique
Arm lift: Combined T Technique

The arms lift procedure usually lasts 1:00 to 1:30.

The scaring from the inner arms lifting would depend on the technique chosen:

  • Vertical scar : in case of significant excess skin (rare).
  • Horizontal scar: in case of moderate excess skin.
  • Combined T technique : in case of significant excess skin and is the most frequent case.
Arm lift scars

Combining liposuction of the inner arms with the arm lifting is usually systematic; in fact, arm liposuction allows:

  • The removal of excess fat from the inner arms to better align and refine the arms appearance,
  • Minimize skin peeling to reduce the risks.

The brachial tuck is a surgical procedure that usually has the following operatives:

  • Placement of drains for one to two days to reduce the risk of hematoma.
  • Maintenance of postoperative pressure bandage for 48 hours. it will be replaced for about six weeks, with a compression garment that will bring the patient 24h / 24h.
  • Sutures are absorbable.
  • 24 hours following the ablation of drains, a first shower is possible.
  • During the first weeks or months which follow the intervention, we notice on the patient's:
    • Swelling, edema and ecchymosis, blue lasting 15 to 21 days. Their magnitudes vary from one patient to another.
    • The inner arms may have transient decrease in sensitivity.
    • The pain is minor and can be relieved by analgesics.
    • There should be a recovery period of 10-15 days.
    • Stop any sports activity during the first two months postoperatively.

The assessment of the final result of the lifting arms can be done only from the 3rd or 4th postoperative month. In addition, to form a judgment on the final appearance of scars, it takes 12 months.

The brachial plastic surgery, being a surgical operation, can present certain risks. Although these complications are rare and have very low risk, it is necessary to know them. The patients who go through by the intervention of the of arms lift are generally very satisfied with the result.

The general complications :

Exceptionally we can notice thromboembolic accidents such as phlebits or pulmonary embolism.

The local complications:
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Effusion / seroma linked to lymphatic flow, which sometimes needs to be punctured. The flow usually stops without special effects.
  • Delayed healing: Wound healing may take more than the expected healing time resulting in the lengthening of postoperative period .
  • The occurrence of skin necrosis is very rare.
  • Wide scars, hypertrophic or keloid.
  • Alterations in sensitivity are characterized by the reduction of the sensitivity at the top of the inner arm can be observed: the return to normal generally reappears within 3 to 6 months.
  • Auxiliary flange may occur exceptionally In case of a combined technique of the arm lift.
  • An hourglass appearance.

Generally, the arm lift or brachial tuck is a safe operation with very low risk. Thus, one should not overstate them but be aware of these risks because they are associated with any surgical medical procedure as simple as it is.

In practice
  • Procedure: aims to ablate excess skin, reduce fatty infiltration underlying redrape and skin.
  • Anaesthesia : General
  • Operating time:1 hour and a half to 2 hours
  • Length of stay:2 nights
  • Duration of The overall stay: 7 days
  • Convalescence: 10 - 15 days