Mini tummy tuck in Tunisia

For some patients, a mini tummy tuck can prove to be more effective than a full tummy tuck and produces better results. Precisely, the mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that is performed on the abdomen and is much less invasive compared to the Tummy tuck.

Also called abdominal mini-lift, the mini tummy tuck cosmetic surgery in Tunisia has is best indicated for a patient who has a low muscle tone at the sub-umbilical area, while also having an abdominal fat excess and moderate skin.

The mini-Tummy tuck intervention will allow the removal of fat and skin excess from the sub-umbilical area.

The mini- Tummy tuck procedure will achieve a more strengthened and a flatter belly while having a younger aspect.

The mini tummy tuck is not necessarily the right solution for everyone! It is rather different from the tummy tuck.

Unlike the tummy tuck, the mini-tummy tuck procedure is usually indicated to act on the lower abdomen (down from the navel) which is the only area affected by the mini-tummy tuck.

You must have rational expectations about the results being done by the procedure of the mini- tummy tuck. Preferably, the mini tummy tuck requires that the patient has a stable weight and does not plan to get pregnant in the future.

It is Part of the body’s surgical procedure, the mini- tummy tuck or abdominal mini-lift which is indicated in specific situations. Precisely, it is the patients who have a sagging skin below the navel are the best candidates for the operation of mini- tummy tuck.

To get rid of excess skin and loose tissues located under the navel and tighten the skin in the abdomen, mini-tummy tuck surgery allows you to get a flat younger looking belly.

In terms of invasion, the mini- tummy tuck procedure is much less invasive than the usual tummy tuck surgery.

With similarities to the tummy tuck surgery, the mini-tummy tuck is performed by means of a smaller scar and without transposing the navel.

Mini-Tummy Tuck in Tunisia

This mini-Tummy tuck surgery is usually performed by associating it with a belly liposuction surgery.

The abdominal mini -lift intervention can be summarized in the removal of excess skin located in the area below the navel by means of incision just on the pubic area. This procedure also allows the tightening of the underlying muscles while performing the complement liposuction to remove the excess of fat. The aim of the abdominal mini-lift is in the lifting of the abdomen’s sub-umbilical area.

The procedure of abdominal mini-lift includes an action to strengthen, in a more limited way, the muscles of the sub- umbilical area because the navel remains in its place without peeling.

Mini - abdominoplasty versus abdominoplasty

For patients who have a remarkably lax skin in areas localized above and below the navel and for patients who have a diastasis at the rectus abdominis muscles, the tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty, is needed.

Patients with signs of needing the mini tummy tuck cosmetic surgery are patients with excess skin at the sub- umbilical floor, but without having a remarkably protruding stomach and abdominal muscles.

Mini-Tummy tuck in Tunisia

The mini-tummy tuck in Tunisia, can also be the best choice for candidates with a loose abdominal region due to aging, or those who wish to proceed with the re-sculpting their abdomenns to give them a more thin, aesthetic and pleasing appearance.

There are many similarities to the Tummy tuck cosmetic surgery in terms of preparation procedures that include: preparing the full preoperative evaluation, stop smoking, stop oral contraception, proscription of the aspirin before the surgery.

  • Type of anesthesia :
    The abdominal mini-lift procedure can be carried out under the two types of anesthesia either general or local potentiated.
  • Hospitalization Terms:
    The patient who has just had a mini-tummy tuck surgery should be hospitalized for one to two nights.

It is conventional that the mini tummy tuck procedure is different from the Tummy tuck.

You can recognize the differences and similarities with your cosmetic surgeon who will explain them for you:

  • Similarities between the mini-tummy tuck and the Tummy tuck : The common point between the two procedures consists in the possibility to proceed with liposuction on the entire abdomen whether on top or sub-umbilical floor, as well as for the hips area.
  • Differences between the mini-tummy tuck and Tummy tuck: Regarding the mini Tummy tuck procedure :
    • The length of the scar is much smaller.
    • The skin peeling is remarkably smaller and is only performed for the area below the navel.
      Mini tummy tuck technique in Tunisia
    • No navel scar.
    • Muscle tightening is achieved only in the area below the navel.
Operating time of the mini - tummy tuck

Wearing the compression garment is required just after the the mini - tummy tuck surgery

Post mini-Tummy tuck retaining corset

The overall duration of a mini- Tummy tuck procedure is an average of one to two hours.

Regarding the scars of the mini Tummy tuck surgery, they are carried out horizontally in the region above the pubic area; they are known to be less important in terms of length compared to the scars of the tummy tuck surgery

Scars-mini-tummy tuck
Scars of a mini tummy tuck

The following interventions and actions can be associated with the mini - tummy tuck surgery:

  • Liposuction : performed at the top/ sub umbilical area.
  • The treatment of diastasis of the of the abdominal muscles wall: Only done at the sub- umbilical floor.
    Mini-tummy tuck - Cure the diastasis
  • Lowering the navel: it corresponds to can be done in specific cases.

The postoperative of the mini tummy tuck surgery are almost the same as for the operation of tummy tuck, among others, the bruising, edema, etc. the Pain in the treated area is rather less intense than for the tummy tuck surgery.

We can see the end result of the mini- tummy tuck surgical procedure starting from 4 to 6 months, the time needed for to let the swelling in the belly to disappear leaving a flatten and lifted stomach.

Profit after abdominal mini- tummy tuck in Tunisia

In general, the risks associated with the operation of a mini-tummy tuck, are very limited and restricted. It has the same risks as for the intervention of the tummy tuck, fortunately with much smaller percentages.

On average, the mini-tummy tuck surgery costs around € 1800. The patient can quite afford a mini-tummy tuck in Tunisia with such a price accessible and cheap compared to the prices that you can find in France or Switzerland or anywhere in Europe

In practice
  • Procedure : the mini- tummy tuck allows the removal of the small belly below the navel by removing the skin and excess fat, for a flat stomach result, lifted and younger.
  • Anesthesia : Local or general potentiated.
  • Operating Time : 1-2 hours.
  • Duration of the hospital stay : 1-2 nights
  • Duration of the overall stay : 7 days
  • Recovery : 10 to 12 days