Mesolift in Tunisia

The intervention of facial mesolift is a cosmetic medical procedure that is used for prevention as well as a cure for aging skin.

In cosmetic medicine, mesolift is a basic facial treatment.

Also called aesthetic mesotherapy, mesolift deeply heal the skin and cannot be matched by any moisturizer.

Dr. Bouzguenda practices the mesolift treatment in Tunisia to revitalize and rejuvenate the face. This treatment involves the injection of a nutritious, rich in many vitamins produced, in the dermis which will restore the face shine, improving the skin quality, reducing the wrinkles while giving the tightening effect and plumping the face.

Mesolift consists of organic products are vitamins, hyaluronic acid...

Mesolift can treat the face, décolleté, neck and back of hands and scalp.

Mesolift can be practiced at all ages from 25 years.

In Tunisia, mesolift or facial mesotherapy is considered an aesthetic medical procedure that involves the injection of a bio-revitalizing and rejuvenating material component vitamins, minerals, amino and hyaluronic acids, which allows the face to regain its luster and reduce wrinkles and serves as a preventive treatment against aging.

The basis of any anti-aging program begins with the treatment of facial mesotherapy.

Mesolift face Tunisia

As it is considered a medical procedure, mesolift is done under the care of a trained and qualified physician and not rather in a center or institute aesthetic.

Aside from the face, Dr. Bouzguenda can treat the neck, chest, back of hands and hair with the mesotherapy treatment.

The mesolift treatment consists mainly of injecting a natural mixture of several vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to the face that will have a nutritious and revitalizing effect that will give the face a lively and rejuvenated look. The injection of this cocktail is realized at the superficial dermis level.

Mesolift-hyaluronic acid + vitamins
Mesolift = hyaluronic acid + vitamins

The mixture injected into the mesolift treatment consists mainly of:

  • Different Vitamins A, B, C, D, E ... (A and C: for a revitalizing effect, E: for its antioxidant and anti-radical effects).
  • Minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus ...: for correcting skin deficiencies.
  • Trace elements: iron, zinc, fluorine, copper, iodine, selenium...
  • Amino acids for their constructive capabilities proteins (collagen and elastin).
  • The nucleic acids which can enable communication between cells.
  • The non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid or weakly crosslinked: for its moisturizing and plumping effects.
  • Antioxidants: that promotes the reduction of synthesis of free radicals.

These components that are in the mesotherapy injection treatment are sure to stimulate microcirculation, skin oxygen and that the collagen is manufactured in the skin.

The main objectives of the "mesolift" treatment are the order of two:

  • Therapy : Mesolift helps restore radiance to the face, improve skin tone, texture and skin elasticity while reducing wrinkles.
  • Prevention: Mesolift, recommended from 25 years, it is used to prevent skin aging.
Goals mesolift

Mesolift is done in two different ways that depend on the depth of the acts:

  • Superficial Mesolift : the product is injected in the dermis or superficial dermis.
  • Deep Mesolift (skin booster) : by injecting hyaluronic acid that will fill wrinkles.
Mesolift-types-shallow & deep
Mesolift types: shallow & deep

The aesthetic doctor chooses the most appropriate and suitable technique to the depth of the injection:

  • The technique of layering or multi-prickles.
  • The technique of micro-papules.
  • The technique of deep mesolift or skin booster.
Mesolift techniques

Mesolift treatment can be carried out by hand or by using a gun.

The face mesolift treatment, finds its best indications in the following situations:

  • When the skin has a fatigue and a dull appearance.
  • When the skin suffers from damage caused by sun exposure, smoking and pollution.
  • When the skin is oily and acneic.
  • When the skin is dry, delicate and lack hydration
Mesolift - Indications
Mesolift - Indications

Mesotherapy can treat the following areas:

  • Mainly the face,
  • The areas of the neck, décolleté and back of hands can also be treated,
  • The scalp hair fall problems.
Mesolift - Areas

Usually the doctor recommends:

  • Stop taking aspirin and anticoagulants in minimum of 3 days before the meeting.
  • Avoid sunlight and stop the consumption of alcohol the day before and the day of the session.

Since it is not generally known for being painful, the mesolift session is not carried out under anesthesia.

For the patient comfort, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream on the area to be treated, 60 minutes before the mesolift session.

Dr. Bouzguenda applied in treatment of mesotherapy the following brands of medical devices:

  • The NCTF 135HA solution FILORGA laboratories.
  • The solution of Redensity TEOSYAL laboratories.
  • Restylane Vital solution Galderma Qmed-of RESTYLANE laboratories.
Mesolift Filorga

The different stages of a mesotherapy session are:

  • Clean and disinfect the skin,
  • Inject several injections in the superficial dermis by very small amounts of a nutrient mixture using a very fine needle and following the procedure of topping or micropapules.
  • Choose a revitalizing blend that is tailored to the patient's skin.

As for the duration of a session of mesotherapy, it is about twenty minutes.

Session mesolift

As a caregiver the mesolift is an act of aesthetic medicine which is carried out locally and atraumatic, it does not really require special follow up after its completion.

The patient can resume normal activities immediately after the session.

The patient will do better not to get exposed to the sun, engage in violent activities, avoid taking hot baths and to stop taking aspirin.

Dr. Bouzgeunda prescribes food supplements and cosmetic products that are intended to prolong the mesolift effects and results.

In a mesotherapy treatment it is best to perform 5 sessions as followed:

  • 3 sessions spaced by 15 days
  • Followed by two other sessions spaced by one month.
  • Preferably, it is best to check the treatment with a maintenance session every four months at the change of seasons.

The patient can see the result from the 3rd mesolift session.

How mesolift sessions?

You can see the results of a mesolift treatment from the 3rd session which marked mainly by the following facts:

  • The quality of the skin improves remarkably as it becomes more hydrated: more flexibility and softness
  • The skin complexion improves remarkably: more radiant and better vascularization.
  • Reconstructed skin marked by a tightening effect.
  • Natural look no plastic effect.

The mesolift treatment is accomplished on different sessions and completed by the appropriate cosmetics, requires monitoring every 3-4 months, the lasting time of mesotherapy session result. A session must be planned in order to maintain the results.

Generally mesolift sessions does not have an age requirement and can be performed from 25 years to prevent aging of the skin.

The mesotherapy treatment applies to women as well as men.

Mesolift can be done regardless of the type or color of skin treated.

The main advantage of mesolift is that it involves an injection with a mixture of natural products.

  • Getting an infection or inflammation.
  • An allergy against a known product of the mixture.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Prescription anticoagulants.

Considered to be very rare and exceptional, the risks of mesolift are:

  • Development of an allergy
  • Persistence of redness
In practice
  • Procedure :Revitalization, rehydration and re-plumping the skin by a multivitamin and hydrating mix.
  • Anesthesia : No
  • Operating time :20 minutes
  • Duration of hospital stay: Ambulatory in the cabinet
  • Recovery: No