Breast cosmetic surgery abroad

Cosmetic breast surgery in Tunisia, with liposuction and body contouring surgery are the most popular and most requested plastic surgery. The craze for the breast surgery is due to the fact that the breasts are considered a symbol of femininity in women and symbol of virility in men.

breast cosmetic surgery tunisia
Breast cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Too big, too small, sagging, misshapen, asymmetrical ... To correct all those unsightly aspects, there are ways to use the cosmetic breast surgery in Tunisia to restore the attractive appearance of your breasts, feminine for women and manly for men.

Breast cosmetic surgery for women

Breasts are a very important part of the female body that highlights femininity and improves the perception of the body image. However, many women are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts or because they are very small in size or vice versa or because they look droopy...

Patients who have small breasts, either for morphological reasons (since adolescence) or be it a sagging caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is best to use a breast augmentation with implants which is adequate for this particular case.

As it is a cosmetic surgery procedure, the breast augmentation by prosthesis in Tunisia, is to place, breast implants, made of silicone either in front or behind the pectoral muscle.

The cosmetic surgeon agrees with the patient to adjust the layout, appearance and volume of the breast implant to be inserted. The breast augmentation intervention gives a smooth appearance to the body by enhancing the femininity and grace in women.

If you wish to learn more about the breast augmentation surgery in Tunisia, you can contact the Doctor Chiraz Bouzguenda who has many years of experience and expertise in this very specific procedure.

You can start by checking the article Breast Augmentation in Tunisia to learn about the procedure and to get an idea about the price of this intervention.

Some women are embarrassed by their breasts’ big size and sometimes because they are saggy and droopy they cause back pain, discomfort in clothing choices and sports, resulting in a psychological discomfort ... The solution to this problem is cosmetic surgery for breast reduction: an intervention that takes place in Tunisia for the purpose of reducing breast volume by the extraction of the glandular fat excess to achieve a result with a harmonious volume and an enhanced contoured shape. This surgery is very effective; however, it leaves scars. You can get more details regarding the breast reduction surgery intervention in Tunisia, by contacting Doctor Bouzguenda for a consultation and getting an idea about breast reduction surgery in Tunisia and on the price by checking the page of breast reduction price in Tunisia.

In case the patient has saggy breast either from pregnancy, breastfeeding or caused by a significant weight loss, affecting the appearance of the breast. To improve this aspect, restore its femininity and feel good about yourself, you can make a breast size augmentation surgery. Breast ptosis surgery treatment is the only solution that is done by associating breast implants, also called breast-plasty prostheses or breast lift with breast implants.

In case the patient has breasts that have enough volume but are sagging either due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, the solution to provide well rounded and perky breasts is to do the breast lift surgery.

Once you have agreed with Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda, this procedure will allow you to regain a harmonious, feminine look and to feel good in your skin. You can always contact Dr. Bouzguenda, make an appointment with her for an initial consultation and discuss details and indications for breast lift surgery in Tunisia to lift and firm sagging breasts.

Some patients find themselves hampered by the very small size of their breasts but for one reason or another they do not prefer the use of a foreign body for breast implant surgery. These patients can correct the problem of small breasts by performing an increase surgery. This aesthetic breast surgery involves the injection of the patient's autologous fat that will restore the curve to the breasts. Certainly effective, the volume obtained after the lipofilling is moderate, however natural and permanent. As a recent procedure, breast lipofilling requires that the patient has a fat donor site and is carried by renewing the lipoffiling session between 2 to 3 times to achieve the desired volume of the breasts.

The already placed implants started to exhibit signs of aging such as a shell brake... requires a change with new implants since they are not intended to be implanted for life.

The inverted nipples often cause psychological discomfort to the patient in their private life and every day, especially when they prevent the patient to nurse. They can easily be corrected with reconstructive breast surgery which is performed under local anesthesia and can help you find the feminine aspect of the breast.

Breast plastic surgery for men

In men also, it is important to have a good masculine torso and symbolizes his manhood. However, some men find themselves embarrassed by overgrown breasts: gynecomastia.

This defect causes psychological discomfort and generates a lack of confidence, but it can be corrected by cosmetic breast surgery for men, which aims to harmonize the male torsos.

You can find more details on this procedure by contacting Dr. Bouzguenda or by visiting the gynecomastia page.