Dark circles treatment in Tunisia

The under eyes dark circles are a very common complaint in the consultations among both men and women.

Under eyes, dark circles, a very complex and sensitive area, are very troublesome, giving a sad and tired look to the face.

Finding the dark circles causes is the key to a successful treatment.

Almost everyone has dark circles under the eyes from time to time. These rings are usually temporary and not a medical problem!

Dark circles can be of three types: hollow dark circles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Treatment of dark circles made calls to different techniques of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. You can contact Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda, plastic and cosmetic surgeon, an expert in this area who can advise you.

The causes of dark circles are variable and complex, among them:

  • Poor lifestyle: lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, smoking...
  • Medical Causes: iron deficiency, allergies...
  • Poor circulation.
  • Poor lymphatic circulation.
  • Water retention.
  • Sagging skin with fat hernias.
  • Notion of heredity.
Dark-or-colored-under eye circles-Tunisia
Dark or colored under eye circles in Tunisia

Dark circles can be of different types:

  • The hollow rings with or without under eyes bags.
    The hollow circles in Tunisia
  • Dark, pigmented or colored under eyes circles, their cause is generally constitutional.
  • Under eyes Bags can be constitutional or related to aging with sagging skin and fat hernias.

Treatment varies depending on the type of dark circles.

The hollow circles :

the fillers are the only treatment for the under eyes hollow circles:

  • Dark circles Filling by hyaluronic acid,
    Filling of dark circles in Tunisia
  • Dark circles Filling by lipofilling (fat injection).
    Dark circles Lipofilling in Tunisia
The pigmented dark circles:

Different techniques of cosmetic medicine can help them fade:

  • The peeling,
  • PRP Injections (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Mesotherapy or mesolift Injections
  • The dark circles Lipofilling and hyaluronic acid “specific for under eye bags” can attenuate the dark color of dark circles.
The under eyes bags:

The only effective treatment is the lower blepharoplasty surgery types.

Under eyes Bags in Tunisia

Under eyes dark circles Surgery by lipofilling or blepharoplasty, allows to definitively treat accordingly the under eyes hollow dark circles and puffiness.

The filling of hollow rings with hyaluronic acid gives the same result as the filling by lipofilling, but the result lasts 9 months to one year. This treatment is done in the cabinet and without anesthesia.

Surgery-versus-medical-treatment-dark under eye-circles-Tunisia
Surgery versus medical treatment of dark under eye circles in Tunisia

The result of the under eye dark circles treatment is final with surgery, transient but easier with medical treatment. Treatment of under eye dark circles allows a fresher and less tired eye look: with a healthy glow.

Result-under eyes dark-circles-treatment-Tunisia
The result of under eyes dark circles treatment in Tunisia