Ear lobe surgery in Tunisia

ear lobes Surgery is an ear cosmetic surgery, frequently practiced. It includes the repair of elongated, cracked or torn ear lobes.

Apart from its function of capturing the air sounds, the ear lobe has several functions: helps facial aesthetics, it is an erogenous zone, and used for wearing nice ornaments. It is an important part of the human anatomy. For this reason, many patients of both sexes seek to repair the deformed ear lobes.

The split or elongated earlobes occur slowly, over several years (wearing heavy dangling earrings) or suddenly due to trauma (plug earring in clothing, ...).

The repairing this deformation is relatively a simple procedure, performed in the office or the clinic by a plastic surgeon under local anesthesia.

This chapter does not address the protruding ears malformation, for that, you have to go to the page otoplasty.

The ear lobe is the lower part of the pinna. It is fleshy and composed of fat tissue. It is the only area of the outer ear which contains no cartilage.

Ear lobe

The earlobe, being a vulnerable skin surface without cartilaginous support, is a sensitive and fragile area.

When considering the ear lobes anatomy, one is often surprised by the large variation in size and shape. In addition to being important for a normal appearance of the ears, ear lobes are used both for women and men as popular places for jewelry. Often the earlobes are drilled to fit different shapes of ear ornaments from small nails to larger and heavier elements.

Overweight with ear loops or trauma can easily overcome the resistance of the fragile earlobe tissue leading to its tearing. This division is often very unsightly and makes it unusable earlobe for most jewelry.

Causes of split or torn earlobes

Repair of cracked or torn earlobes is performed under local anesthesia in the office or clinic .

Your cosmetic surgeon can repair your ears’ defect in many different ways , depending on the damage.

Surgery to split or torn earlobes
Repair of cracked or torn earlobes

Dr. Bouzguenda adopts the proper technique for each case , this should respect the basic principles of split or torn earlobes surgery : respect the ears symmetry and the skin conserving surgery.

Surgery to split or torn earlobes in Tunisia

Repair split or torn earlobes takes about 30-60 minutes. After surgery to split or torn earlobes , there is a little discomfort easily controlled by analgesics , a little swelling and bruising . The sutures are removed after 7 days.

The result can be assessed after 3 months.

The scar is very discreet .

Result surgery split or torn earlobes

It may be possible to re- pierce the ear lobe repaired but with conditions : not at the scar to prevent recurrence , at a later date (after 2 months) and no longer wear heavy earrings and large .

In practice
  • Procedure : This is the repair of cracked or torn earlobes by the appropriate techniques.
  • Anesthesia : Local
  • Operating Time : 1/2 hour
  • Length of stay : In ambulatory
  • Duration of the overall stay : 3 days
  • Convalescence : 1 day