Guarantee & Insurance

The doctor, in his service to the patient, practices his profession in full respect of the person and his dignity.

Respect for the dignity implies strict adherence to its rights:

  • Right to listen,
  • The right to information,
  • The right to confidentiality, privacy, respect for privacy,
  • Right to quality of care and compliance with current standards.

Dr. Bouzguenda defined a quality charter to establish a patient - surgeon relationship based on trust and respect.

Quality charter – Plastic surgery in Tunisia

Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda with his team strictly adheres to these guidelines:

  • Commits to understand and be attentive to the patient's request.
  • Commits to clearly inform the patient about the nature, potential risks and expected outcome of the surgery.
  • Pledges to establish an accurate estimate of the cost of the surgery.
  • Commits to request and conduct a medical checkup before surgery.
  • Agrees to comply with the statutory cooling-off period.
  • Commits to take pictures before cosmetic surgery.
  • Undertakes to perform the surgery depending on the quality and safety standards.
  • Pledges to submit a report of the operation.
  • Committed to ensuring the postoperative follow-up.
  • Undertakes to keep your personal data strictly confidential.

Committed to protecting your privacy, your beliefs and your privacy. The patient, for his part also, also bonds:

  • Declare accurately and precisely his medical history.
  • Strictly preoperative recommendations (quitting smoking, stopping oral contraceptives, be fasting on the day of the intervention ...).
  • Observe carefully postoperative requirements and guidelines (rest, stopping sports, care, lifestyle, sun protection, ...).

By selecting a qualified cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic clinic complying with hygiene and safety standards, you reduce the risk of complications. Nevertheless, we must be aware that any surgery always has an element of unpredictability hazards.

Thus, because complications can occur even with the most skilled surgeon, it may be useful to explore insurance options in advance. You have the option to purchase international insurance "ISAPS Insurance".

International-Insurance-Dr.Shiraz Bouzguenda
International Insurance - Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda

Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda is covered by insurance ISAPS. she has been accepted by such insurance only because she is a member of ISAPS. The ISAPS have strict membership requirements to ensure their surgeons.


You should know that the 1st guarantee is mainly based on the patient’s selection of a qualified plastic surgeon with experience, the right choice can reduce the occurrence of complications. Another key point to reduce the risk is to avoid combining several operations into a single operating time.

Despite these basic precautions, the risk 'zero' does not exist, which is why Dr. Bouzguenda offers the following guarantees:

Guarantees - Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia
If proven complication:

If the complication occurs during the stay in Tunisia, Dr. Bouzguenda will take responsibility of the charges.

If the complication occurs with the patient back home, Dr. Bouzguenda supports a possible revision surgery, including the visit to the clinic. However she won’t take responsibility against theft and hotel stay.

In case of unsatisfactory result:

The assessment of the final result of the surgical procedure is done after 6 months, and that of the scar after 12-18 months.
Postoperatively, the patient promises to send postoperative pictures at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
The evaluation of the results in the field of cosmetic surgery is very subjective. Two cases are possible:

  • If the lack of results is shared by the patient and the surgeon, Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda will take in charge the retouching and the surgical fees of the clinic.
  • The inadequacy of the result is not shared, in this case, arbitration must be established by a plastic surgeon of patient choice, and Dr. Bouzguenda will cover the costs of a possible retouching.

It is important to know that legally, and around the world, the doctor has a contract of means, not results, that is, the surgeon has the contract not to commit any error or malpractice, be it at the level of 'surgical indication, of completion of the surgery, the information delivered to the patient or the postoperative follow-up.
A compensation claim in court may be requested if there was medical negligence. By cons, if the result is insufficient without malpractice, no legal action may be brought.

Duration of Security:

The guarantee, proposed by Dr. Bouzguenda, is valid one year from the date of the procedure.

Special cases not covered by the warranty:
  • The capsular contracture or shells after the placement of breast implants: this is considered a side effect and not a complication.
  • Weight gain or significant weight loss: after liposuction or abbdominoplastie or lipofilling.

Warranties & Insurance of pastic surgery abroad in Tunisia