Inverted nipple correction in Tunisia

Many women have the invaginated nipple malformation, also called nipple umbilicate. This defect results in the partial or complete invisibility of the nipple. The latter is thus hidden inside the breast instead of being curved to the outside of the breast.

This deformation affects the psychological side of the patient causing complex as well as the physiological side since it prevents lactation.

This gives instant and permanent result when correcting inverted nipples.

Plastic surgery of invaginated nipples is designed to restore the missing band caused by breast nipples buried inwardly of the breast.

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Also called nipple umbilicate an invaginated nipple is characterized by a lack of training that is defined by the invisibility or partial invisibility nipple. The latter is thus buried within the breast when it should be bent outwardly.

Nipple Anatomy

In Tunisia Almost 10% of women are affected by this malformation with 90 % of cases where both breasts are affected.

Inverted nipples affect three aspects:

  • Aesthetics
  • As the psychological cause complex
  • And, the functional as they hinder breastfeeding.

The malformation of invaginated nipples is usually caused due to the retraction of the nipple inside the breast because of the brevity of the ducts (the channels secretions during breastfeeding).

Nipple Anatomy

Moreover, inverted nipples may be caused due to:

  • A congenital malformation,
  • A sequel of infection (galactophoritis),
  • Or, sometimes, a consequence of surgery (breast lift or breast reduction).

The umbilication knows three stages:

  • Stage 1 : The nipples are buried inside the breast except cold or the stimulation they become projected.
  • Stage 2 : The nipples are buried inside the breast and are projected with a manual pulling.
  • Stage 3 : The nipples are inverted permanently and cannot be projected.
Invaginated nipples stages in Tunisia

The stage may be similar in both nipples as it may vary from one nipple to another.

  • Age :
    It is better to start thinking of performing the surgery beyond 18 years if growth is completed.
  • Before or after pregnancy:
    The malformation of invaginated nipples does not affect pregnancy directly but this discomfort with breastfeeding. Depending on the degree of intussusception, one can choose to:
    • In stages 1 and 2, it is possible to breastfeed because intussusception is reducible. One can thus perform the correction of inverted nipples after pregnancy, if the woman wants to breastfeed.
    • In stage 3, it is advisable to carry out the nipple correction surgery invaginated before pregnancy, because either way, this stage does not allow breastfeeding.
  • Type of anesthesia :Correcting invaginated nipples requires local anesthesia.
  • Hospitalization : A mammogram and / or ultrasound are routinely requested preoperative for women with more than 35 years and who have breast cancer risk factors.

Correcting invaginated or inverted nipples is by surgical means. Treated medically by hyaluronic acid or traction is completely ineffective and illogical!

    • 1st technique: :
      With 2 steps :
      • Cut the milk ducts
      • Strengthen the base of the nipple.
Invaginated nipples surgery in Tunisia

This technique is more suitable for women of fertile age and prefer to breastfeed because it makes possible the recanalization of the milk ducts.

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda do not practice this technique because of its too high recurrence rate .

  • 2nd technique: technique called shreds:
    With 3 steps :
    • Cut the milk ducts
    • Interposer 2 small dermo- epidermal scraps taken from the areola between the mammary gland and nipple
    • Strengthen the base of the nipple.
Correction of inverted nipples in Tunisia

This technique is permanent and definitive guarantees a stable result which presents no risk of recurrence.

The duration of this intervention is 30 to 45 minutes.

In the beginning, there are many scars on the invaginated nipple correction procedure that fade completely after some time.

Following the first technique, the scar is small and is almost invisible. It is located at the base of the nipple.

As for the second technique, technical shreds, the scar is barely visible from the start and finally fades. It is horizontal and is in the middle of the areola.

Scar after correcting invaginated nipple in Tunisia
  • Usually, postoperative pain is not important and simple analgesics can easily mitigate.
  • The presence of bruising and swelling is usual for several days after the operation.
  • A transient insensitivity to the nipple. The patient returns to its sensitivity after a few months.
  • This operation requires a work stoppage of 1 to 3 days.
  • Sports activities are strongly discouraged or even prohibited during the first week.
  • It is advisable to let flow at least two to three years to get pregnant. This time will allow the nipples to recover their ability to breastfeeding (if the technique was performed first).
  • It can take up to 3-6 months to determine the final result. The scars will take their final aspect after at least 12 months.

Following the procedure shreds, the result is immediate and permanent. There has been a reduction in scarring and recurrence of sensitivity.

Surgical intervention of invaginated nipples designed to restore the missing band caused by breast nipples buried inwardly of the breast.

It is important to note that the correction of inverted nipples can cause disruption of a future breastfeeding.

Correcting invaginated nipples is a reliable procedure and the risks are minimal and controlled. The operation success rate is very high and patients are often very satisfied (2nd technique). However, like any surgery, correcting invaginated nipples has its share of unpredictable hazards, even when the surgeon has all the skills necessary to succeed the intervention:

  • Very exceptional, the risk of hematoma and infection
  • Irregularity of the blurring of scars
  • Transient Immunity at the nipples
  • Combined with the first technique, the recurrence rate is very high; by cons with exceptional technical shreds.
  • Income Imperfections: asymmetry, insufficient correction.

Other minor complications can occur after correcting invaginated nipples, Dr. Bouzguenda take care of you and expose you explain the risks to you.

Correcting invaginated nipples is a reliable, low-risk surgery, do not overestimate the risk but it is important to take note.

The price of the invaginated nipples surgery in Tunisia with Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda is € 1,060.

In practice
  • Procedure : is to release the introverted nipple, and permanently, through technical shreds, in order to restore harmony.
  • Anesthasia : Local anesthesia
  • Operating time: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Duration of Hospitalization : Ambulatory
  • Duration of the overall stay: 6 days
  • Convalescence : : 2 to 3 days
  • Price : 1060 €