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  • cosmetic surgery abroad
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Cosmetic surgery abroad

Feeling good in your own body and finding ones self-image are guarantees of success, thanks to the benefits of cosmetic surgery, which seem now within the reach of all tastes and needs.

Featuring a remarkable number of ultra-modern hospitals and skilled cosmetic surgeons in their specialty, Tunisia stands out as one of the most preferred destinations in the Mediterranean area for medical tourism, from face surgery, to the intimate surgery, body contouring surgery and breast surgery, you will find in Tunisia the best conditions for a successful cosmetic procedure and that best satisfy your desire for beauty and enjoyment with a natural and sublime result.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda

With over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda is a benchmark for plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as shown by her titles, diplomas and testimonials from Tunisian and foreign patients. Solid training in France, Tunisia, United Kingdom and the United States allowed her to always be abreast of the latest technologies adopted in medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Welcome to Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda website, a  top cosmetic surgeon abroad, based in Tunisia, graduated and qualified in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic medicine.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda has three certificates of specialized training in cosmetic surgery obtained in UK, in France and in Tunisia. She is registered within the 3 general medical councils as a plastic surgeon.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is considered as one of the best plastic surgeon abroad in Tunisia for facial plastic surgery, breast cosmetic surgery, body contouring surgery as well as acts of aesthetic medicine. In this field, Dr Bouzguenda has a long experience in rejuvenation treatments (Botox, dermal fillers, PRP,…).

Cosmetic surgery for beauty and well-being

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda was trained by the best French and british plasttic surgeons. Many patients look for a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Tunisia to take advantage of the prices without neglecting the quality of the results of a breast augmentation or simply an injection of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid.

Do you want to perform a successful, safe and affordable plastic surgery abroad procedure? Dr Bouzguenda, one of the best plastic surgeons abroad, is perfectly English speaking, is attentive to her patients and will be able to offer you an assumption of responsibility associating listening, security of care, natural results and rigorous postoperative follow-up.

Her cross-cutting approach to patient needs allows her to imagine personalized solutions that can combine the use of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, valued advices on the choice of implants and opportunities for procedures combining liposuction and facelift, or more broadly a complete program for moms or people who have suffered a great loss of weight.

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Our Services

Doing your cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia under the hands of a well renowned, highly qualified and top plastic surgeon abroad such as Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda seems a real benefit that allows you to enjoy a range of efficient services in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine at costs that defy any competition. A good follow up in your approach for plastic surgery stay in Tunisia, a serious assistance on your arrival in Tunisia, followed step by step during your convalescence in the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunisia.

For personal and sometimes societal reasons, many women and men are increasingly resorting to cosmetic and plastic surgery to correct certain imperfections in their bodies.

To overcome the psychological and physical difficulties caused by certain disgraces and which sometimes become disabling, the plastic surgeon takes all the necessary measures so that the results are in adequacy with the expectations of his patients. Thus thanks to the surgery of the silhouette, you find your psychological and social balance by having a silhouette in harmony with yourself.

With age, the body produces less collagen and wrinkles begin to appear on the face. Anti-aging surgery corrects imperfections of the face and neck and applies mainly to the following areas:

The forehead: applied on the forehead, the cosmetic surgery allows to erase in particular the wrinkles of the lion

The nose: In addition to its aesthetic appearance, nose surgery corrects certain functional imperfections, including respiratory problems.

Mouth: Allows to reduce expression lines, to treat jowls and to find a solution to the problem of falling lips.

In cases for cosmetic reasons: treating breast hypertrophy or hypotrophy (breast augmentation, breast reduction) and generally for restorative reasons (breast reconstruction after cancer), women use mammoplasty to find a certain harmony between their breasts and their bodies.

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda, a top plastic surgeon in Tunisia, qualified in the field of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and with an experience of over 17 years, deals with all your needs and exactly meets your expectations.

Having buttocks with proportions in harmony with the body is already possible thanks to the techniques of PLASTIC surgery that give the buttocks their curves.

To find the desired volume of the buttocks, the patient can choose between one of the following augmentation and gluteal reduction techniques: buttock implants, buttock augmentation fat transfer, buttock liposuction!

Non-invasive solutions may be considered to treat certain age effects on the face and body. The techniques of aesthetic medicine (dermal fillers, macrolane, botox, ...) can replace some plastic surgery procedures with almost similar results. 

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda advises and assists you to choose the best plastic surgery technique that suits your situation.

At present, benefiting from the benefits of cosmetic surgery is no longer reserved only for women, but also for men seeking a remedy for certain aesthetic and functional problems.

The main cosmetic surgery procedures requested by men include liposuction, male breast reduction, facelift and eyelid surgery.

Your  plastic surgery consultations with Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda will take place at our partner clinic, one of the best surgery clinics abroad in Tunisia. 

A multidisciplinary and modern health clinic

Our surgery clinic is a polyclinic located in La Marsa, a very pleasant district in Tunis. It welcomes Tunisian and international patients for such diverse specialties: ophthalmic surgery, cardiology, neurophysiology and orthopedics.

Our cosmetic surgery clinic also has a performing service in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive that relies on 4 operating rooms and surgeons confirmed including Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda.

In addition to the modern equipment and extensive training of its staff, the clinic also has ultra-comfortable rooms and reassuring living spaces, clean and conducive to rest and calm.

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Guarantee & insurance

When you want to perform cosmetic surgery, choosing a good plastic surgeon trained in the field and selecting an advanced aesthetic clinic are essential to reduce the potential risks of this surgery. To best serve your beauty needs, Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is covered by the insurance of ISAPS, it strictly adheres to quality and safety standards and it provides all the necessary guarantees and insurance to your satisfaction.

From the first consultation, Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is listening to the patient's request and committing to explain the nature of the surgical procedure and even, the complications that may arise there. The patient will benefit from a total case management from their first contact with Dr. Bouzguenda, to a post-operative monitoring and a guarantee of the operation performed.

Cosmetic surgery clinics abroad: our goals

  • Quality

The quality of the services offered by the surgery clinic in Tunisia is provided by a team of surgeons and a paramedical staff concerned with your satisfaction and your safety and who are endowed with a knowledge and know-how acquired and developed during several years . 

  • Security

In constant quest for the safety of its patients, cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia respect the most stringent safety rules and hygiene measures that are applied worldwide. 

  • Comfort

At the cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunis, you will be hospitalized in a well-equipped room: Air conditioning, television, Wifi, ....

  • Listening

Clinic experts in Tunisia will be in constant contact with their patients to answer all their questions and find solutions to all the problems that torment them.

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