Breast lift in Tunisia

The definition of ptosis is reflected in the gland sagging and a distension of the skin envelope. That is to say, the breast located in too low and often "uninhabited" at its top. Ptosis can simply occur, or more frequently following a significant weight loss (weight loss) or waning following a pregnancy followed by breast-feeding.

To correct this problem, only the mastopexy or breast lift is surgery that can intervene. This plastic surgery puts the areola and nipple in their proper positions, refocuses and ascends the gland and remove excess skin in order to get two round breasts, shapely and in harmony.

Characterized by the collapse of the gland and a loosening of the skin that surrounds it and the envelope, breast ptosis can be isolated: called ptosis pure as it can be accompanied by some degree of breast enlargement or mammary hypotrophy.

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Breast ptosis

breast Lift There are several degrees of breast ptosis, and depending on the grade of breast ptosis depend on the choice of surgical technique adopted by Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda , your cosmetic surgeon .

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Breast ptosis Degree

Acting on the envelope of skin and glandular tissue, the breast lift plastic surgery involves reshaping the breasts while placing and restating the gland to its proper position.

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Breast lift surgery in Tunisia

Thereafter, the procedure gets to the adaptation of the skin envelope, which leads the retirement of excess skin so that it provides a good appearance and a beautiful breast shape.

These procedures ensure repositioning the nipple and areola and enhance their positions.

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Breast lift surgery abroad

Patients who have too small breasts (mammary hypotrophy), can perform a breast implant surgery associated with the lifting. Thus, the intervention will have a dual-purpose lift and increase the breast volume.

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Breast lift combined to breast augmentation with implants

Otherwise, where the patient has large breasts (breast enlargement), the intervention of breast lift may be associated with excess skin draping with the breast reduction surgery: a breast reduction surgery.

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Breast lift combined with breast reduction

During preoperative consultation, Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda will decide the medical examinations needed for the patient. It is conventional to prepare the usual preoperative surgical assessment for the breast lift surgery.

There should also be a preoperative mammography prepared for patients over 35 or with particular risk factors for breast cancer.

As for the contrindications, it is essential to avoid any aspirin based treatment at least ten days before surgery. In addition, although it is not prohibited, it is best to quit smoking for a faster and an uncomplicated healing.

Moreover, it may be necessary to stop contraceptive pills especially for patients with risk factors (obesity, poor venous state; bleeding disorder).

  • Type of anesthesia : The breast lift procedure requires general anesthesia.
  • Modes of Hospitalization : Breast lift surgery requires a hospital stay of three days on average.

The Surgical techniques vary from one surgeon to another. Gestures and a breast lift technology may vary and your plastic surgeon is the only judge that can practice the most appropriate technique depending on your case in order to obtain the best possible result.

After ascending the areolas and reshaping the gland, the surgeon Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda proceed with the skin suture, the sutures will be the future location of scars.

There are three types of scars: the inverted T scar, the vertical scar and the pri-areolar scar (the "Round Block").

The doctor will choose between three types of scars depending on the degree of distension of the skin on the breasts (degree of breast ptosis).

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Breast lift scars
  • Breast Lift Case very important : This case requires the inverted T technique on three different stages: pri-areolar; around the areola, in the middle, between the brown and light skin, vertical; right between the lower pole of areola and the crease under the breast, hidden horizontal in the crease under the breast.
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    Breast lift - inverted T Scar
  • In the Case of a moderate breast ptosis : Ce cas se fait selon la technique « verticale » qui souscrit de pouvoir éliminer la cicatrice transversale dans le sillon sous mammaire et de diminuer la rançon cicatricielle à ses composantes péri-aréolaire et verticale.
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    Breast lift - Vertical Technique
  • Cases of very moderate breast ptosis: This case can be corrected by using the technique of “Round Block” which is to correct the breast sagging, with only a scar around the areola.
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    Breast lift - "Round Block" Technique

To each his technique, there are however, some common basic principles to remember:

  • The removed tissue is automatically submitted for analysis to a specialized laboratory for microscopic examination (histology).
  • A modeling bandage will be shaped at the end of the act together with rubber bands shaped bra.
  • The duration of the intervention is to an average of 3 hours.

The postoperative associated with breast lift surgery are described as follows:

  • The suction drains are used to minimize the risk of bruising. They can be stored for a period of 1 to 3 days.
  • 24 to 48 hours after the operation, the dressing is changed with a lighter one. The patient is required to wear a wireless bra 24/24 for a period of 6 weeks.
  • The sons are absorbable.
  • A first shower is allowed after the removal of the drains.
  • It can be commonly observe during the first postoperative weeks:
    • Swelling and bruising in the breast during the first 15 to 21 days. Oedema and bruises may be asymmetrical with a variable size from one patient to another but it will fade in the first weeks or sometimes months after the surgery.
    • Breasts insensitivity and a sensation of tension will subside within few weeks.
    • Pain in the treated area may occur during the first 2 weeks and be well relieved by analgesics.
    • A feeling of discomfort in lifting the arms is often observed.
    • A decrease in sensitivity in the areola can occur and be sometimes permanent.
  • Mammograms for breast monitoring and screen to check for breast cancer is not provoked by the breast lift. Moreover, a baseline mammogram is recommended just a few months after the procedure.
  • A recovery period of about two weeks, where a leave from work has to be planned in advance.
  • It is crucial to stop all sports and all muscular effort for at least two months.
  • Scars are final and permanent. During the first months, the scars are visible and red. The final appearance can be judged after 1 year. It is suitable to protect the scars from sunlight during the first year from the surgery.
  • It is best to avoid pregnancy during the year following the lifting to minimize the chances of damage to the breasts. Breastfeeding remains possible after the procedure despite being neither guaranteed nor advisable.
  • The final result : the final appearance on the volume and shape can be observed after six months, yet, the final appearance of scars can be judged after at least 12 months.
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Breast lift results in Tunisia

The complications of cosmetic surgery of the breast ptosis are fortunately very rare. Generally, patients are very satisfied with the results they get. That said, it is never safe from unforeseen complications that are in no way associated with the practitioner's skills and which can be unpredictable:

  • The risks associated with general anesthesia are very rare and exceptional
  • Thromboembolic events (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism): this risk is very rare yet higher if the patient has already had a history of phlebitis.
  • Exceptional, Infection which may require antibiotics or surgical drainage.
  • Drains are used to minimize the risk of bruising.
  • Uncommon, delayed healing can occur causing lengthening in the postoperative healing.
  • Risk of deterioration in sensitivity, especially in the nipple, that will disappear in a period of 6 to 18 months.
  • Total or partial necrosis risk areolas. Smoking and obesity promote the appearance of a variable skin necrosis, which can lengthen the healing.
  • Partial necrosis risk at the gland and the mammary fat (fat necrosis) which is defined by hardened nodule resulting in revision surgery. Rarely, it may be extensive necrosis of the mammary gland, which requires prolonged post-operative care.
  • Risk of numbness, insensitivity or "weird" sensations, in the areolas and nipples. These risks normally disappear, at least a partial way, after several months or years after surgery. However, they can sometimes be permanent.
  • The scars may require surgical touch when large or corticosteroid injections when hypertrophic (raised pattern).

The ends of the horizontal scar (scars) may sometimes require surgical touch after a few months following the intervention. Ultimately, the breast lift surgery remains a safe and somewhat risky, do not overstate the risks, but simply read it.

Dr Shiraz Bouzguenda offers rates for a breast lift in Tunisia, the following:

  • Price lift breasts without breast implants: 1900 €
  • Price breast lift with breast implants: 2200 €
In practice
  • Procedure : Cure of breast ptosis in ascentionnant areola, by resecting excess skin in refocusing the gland and the skin around redrappant .
  • Anaesthesia : General
  • Operating time :2 to 3 hours
  • Length of Stay : 2 nights
  • Duration of the overall stay : 7 days
  • Convalescence : 10-15 days