Face lift abroad

Usually referred to as cervicofacial lift, the intervention of the rhytidectomy or more commonly the "facelift", is a cosmetic surgery of the face that aims to recover the air of youth and vitality to the face and neck areas.

Among the features of facial aging, cheekbones down, jowls appear, neck relaxes and wrinkles appear. The face and neck lift surgery is done for facial rejuvenation by lifting and tightening the structures released by the flow years.

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda, an expert cosmetic surgeon in the face cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia will ensure the concealment of the skin incisions, required for this intervention in the hair and around the ears. Thus, all the scars will be almost entirely sealed and unapparent.

For an accurate diagnosis and the price of facelift or cervicofacial lift in Tunisia, you can contact Dr. Bouzguenda, she will be delighted to inform and enlighten you.

Several types of facelift now exist for improving imperfections on the face and neck, caused by aging. The type of face and neck lift is the most used.

This face and neck lift intervention aims to straighten the wrinkles by restoring the air of youth and vitality to areas of the face and neck. It makes it possible to redraw the oval face, eliminate jowls, neck and lifter to remove baleen.

facelift abroad
Facelift abroad

The face lift allows obtaining a remarkable rejuvenation effect, which appears natural, restoring a youthful, relaxed and revitalized appearance.

face lift abroad
What does face and neck lift correct?

On the other hand the face and neck lift is usually confused, with the " correction " of the upper part of the face (forehead, eyelids) , wrinkles of the lips and around the mouth and nasolabial folds . To these facts, it must be associated with other interventions / aesthetic procedures.

The procedure is done through the detachment of the skin’s deep structures of the face and repositioning it (of the skin). Thus obtaining the desired correction of the skin sagging.

neck lift abroad
Face and neck lift

The retightening of the underlying muscle structures is also possible, which will in many cases repositioning sunken structures.

In the case of fat overload, it can possibly be treated with liposuction to refine the neck, chin and jowls.

Otherwise, that is to say, when the face is emaciated, the correction can be done at the same time, re- injection of autologous fat (Face fat transfer or face lipostructure). These procedures allow a kind of "reconstruction" and "restructuring" in the neck and face.

facelift tunisia
Face and neck lift in Tunisia

Regarding the necessary Face and neck lift incisions, they are sealed for most of the time in the hair (at the temples and neck) and make the edge of the ear. The scar is thus almost totally concealed.

The intervention of the Face and neck lift can be performed since the appearance of signs of aging, in general, from the forties or 45 years.

The facelift can be combined with another facial cosmetic surgery:

  • Cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, to rejuvenate the look, at the same time as facial rejuvenation.
  • Face fat transfer to restore the volume of usually the cheeks and nasolabial folds which were sagging with age.
  • Double chin liposuction.

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda will ask of her patients to make a full assessment preoperatively in accordance with its requirements.

Any aspirin consumption should be stopped at least 10 days before the intervention of Face and neck lift.

Quitting smoking is also highly recommended minimum one month before and after the facelift intervention because it can delay wound healing.

The hair and the face of the patient (s) will be washed the day before and the day of the intervention of the face lift.

  • Type of anesthesia : It will operate a systematic facelift under general anesthesia as it will be uncomfortable for patients to the contrary.
  • Terms of hospitalization : It is necessary to insure three nights of hospitalization as is usual.
  • The incisions : are sealed in the hair and around the ears
    face lift tunisia
    Face and neck lift scars
  • Peeling : starting the incisions, the surgeon performs a subcutaneous detachment; the importance of the patient’s tissue laxity, define the extent of the detachment.
    neck lift tunisia
    Facial lift technique
  • The retightening of the muscle : it must be done with extreme precision and dosing in order for it to correct the sagging without losing the face expression.
    smas facelift abroad
    SMAS facelift
  • Liposuction : Fat done in case of overload, liposuction is the same procedure when acting on the neck as it can act on the chin, jowls and cheeks according to the specification of each case.
  • The reframing of the skin : the last step is to reframe the skin in a natural way while removing excess skin and making the sutures without tension.
    face neck lift abroad
    Face and neck lift - Skin tightening

    At the end of this intervention, the head will be wrapped in a dressing that makes the turn.

    The duration of the intervention varies between 3-4 hours depending on the size of the corrections to be made and other surgical instruments or other interventions associated with the face and neck lift.

For a face and neck lift, the scars are located at the temples (in the scalp), before the ear around the perimeter, behind the ear and into the scalp at the mastoid region. Scars, first pinkish fade with time and being very discreet, barely visible after a year.

face and neck lift abroad
Face and neck lift scars
  • Usually a drain is installed so that it reduces the risk of hematoma. His removal is the day after surgery.
  • The day after surgery, the dressing is removed and a light dressing replacement.
  • The sutures are in absorbable son.
  • The first shampoo wash is allowed from the second day. The first session haircut is permitted after three weeks and the first dye after 4-6 weeks.
  • Like most surgeries, during the first weeks and sometimes even months, these are generally present operative: Swelling: face swells. This swelling may not be symmetrical. Its shading starts from the first weeks but may last a month or more.
    • Bruising: bruises may be present on the face and neck, usually asymmetrically. The bruising can last at least days.
    • Tension: Presents especially behind the ears, patients may feel an uncomfortable tension in the face.
    • Pain: The pain experienced by patients can be relieved by simple painkillers.
    • Transient Insensibility: this can sometimes be a transient decrease in sensitivity on the cheeks and neck. This insensitivity binds to operative procedures of face and neck lift (off the skin) and its length can extend up to several weeks and even months. A transitional induration is possible.
  • It usually provides 10 days as a period of un-socialization.
  • After the expiry of six months, the patient can appreciate the final result of face and neck lift. We must, instead, let drain 12 months to judge the scars.
  • The final result of face and neck lift can be enjoyed after 4 to 6 months of the intervention with a face looking younger and fresher.
  • After one year, the scars fade and are nearly invisible.
  • The facelift gives great satisfaction to the patients, allowing them to regain a good oval face and a well defined neck, especially with a natural result.
facelift abroad results
Face and neck lift abroad results

The risk of head and neck lift are generally rare. Mostly, patients end up being very satisfied with the results they get. Yet, some complications are unpredictable and their occurrence can happen even when the surgeon has all the skills required for the exercise of Plastic Surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery. Among the risks, on site:

  • Those associated with anesthesia
  • The hematoma requiring emptying quickly.
  • Necrosis at the skin which cause delayed healing (smoking does increase the risk of necrosis. Several weeks are added to the healing time.
  • It will be unusual to see happen infection.
  • Very rare, the risk of facial paralysis is possible (less than 1% in the literature). It is usually caused by following an injury to the facial nerve. When it occurs facial paralysis is rather partial and asymmetrical affecting only a part of the face. It lasts for a few months but sometimes can last permanently.
  • Risk of transient sensitivity decrease for a few months. Sometimes, a sensitivity of the ear because of the injury of sensory nerve of the ear (posterior auricular nerve) can take place. Once that occurred, the latter is associated with pain in the path of the nerve.
  • The earlobe can be attracted downwards and forwards. This is caused by a high tension on the front scar of the ear. Repositioning the earlobe occurs after 6 to 2 months by reoperation.
  • Possibility of imperfect result. These imperfections may occur by an asymmetry or an insufficient correction. Their correction is significant at least 6 months after the intervention.
  • Subjectivity: The motivation of the intervention is led by aesthetic reasons; outcomes of cervicofacial lift cannot be so valued subjectively. It is therefore necessary to recognize that the results may not coincide exactly with the expected results.

Overall, the risks should not be overstated but just be aware that such surgery, even when it appears simple, always carries a small share of hazards.

The price of facelift in Tunisia is 2,200 €.

The price of facelift or face and neck lift in Tunisia is quite affordable and cheap compared to the prices of facelifts performed in France or Switzerland or other ... If you want to know how much a cervicofacial lift in Tunisia, you can simply contact Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda This does not commit you to anything.

In practice
  • Procedure : This is a rejuvenation surgery of the lower 1/3 of the face to correct jowls, giving back a good oval face and tighten the neck.
  • Anaesthesia : General
  • Operating Time : 3 to 4 hours
  • Duration of hospital stay : 3 nights
  • Duration of the overall stay : 10 days
  • Convalescence : 15 days