Buttock fat transfer in Tunisia

Also called breast fat grafting, buttock augmentation fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery procedure that enlarges the volume of the buttocks by injecting the patient's own fat in this body area.

The injected fat is first taken from the patient as a graft, knowing that there is a fat transplant of 60-70% thereby creating a fat resorption of 30-40%.

The transplanted cells remain alive in this definitive method. In this sense and after the intervention, the buttocks will gain or lose weight like the rest of the patient’s body, since fat cells have a genetic memory.

Buttock fat transfer is the plastic surgery that makes it possible to increase the bottom size, naturally and definitively without the implant of a foreign body (buttock prosthesis).

Unlike buttock implants, lipofilling offers the chance to redesign the buttocks and the surroundings; giving a more natural final result compared to prosthetic buttocks that only fills the upper half of the buttocks.

This buttocks cosmetic surgery, allows a complete remodeling of the buttocks and thus having a plump and curvy shape.

Thus it is "two interventions in one": associating the liposuction with the- lipofilling to obtain an increased volume diaper and obtaining full and round buttocks.

For your buttock augmentation fat transfer in Tunisia, you can choose a Plastic Surgeon qualified in France and Tunisia as Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda who will assist you in all the steps of your surgery and will advise you on the most suitable procedure for your particular case.

Morphological studies indicate that beautiful female buttocks must comply with a waist / hip ratio of about 0.7.

Thus, the emphasize on the buttocks by a front view is by a natural curve of the waist portion connected to the thigh, and profile view, a natural curve from the lower back (last ribs) to the top of the buttock camber drawing back or "fall kidney."

The key figure 0.7 must be found from front and profile.

A ratio greater than 0.7 does not highlight the buttocks: these will appear as a continuity of the back or waist. Whereas, a ratio that is less than 0.7, indicate that the buttocks are rather large and too projected.

Therefore, we often associate fat transfer abroad with the liposuction of the buttocks’ sides (the hips and saddlebags). This approach aims to create better distribution and arrangement of the body fat in order to get that 0.7magic number.

What is a beautiful behind?

The buttock augmentation by lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery of the buttocks which aims to increase the volume of the buttocks. This intervention is characterized by the removal, , of your own unwanted fat from areas with excess fat, such as saddlebags, abdomen or flanks by means of the liposuction intervention ... then perform reinjection of this fat in the buttocks to give them a plumped up and rounded look.

Buttock Lipofilling in Tunisia

For women as well as men, injecting grease to the buttocks is indicated for patients :

  • With flattened and underdeveloped buttocks.
  • Who wish to have fuller, rounded or curved buttocks.
  • who doesn’t want to implant foreign bodies (prosthetic buttocks).
  • That has excess fat in areas such as saddlebags, tummy or hips....
Indications of lipofilling buttocks in Tunisia

The final result of the lipofilling buttocks provides a moderate level of the buttocks since there is a 30-40% percentage of the injected fat is reabsorbed. Thus, lipofilling leads to an enlargement of the buttocks volume equivalent to that performed by implanting prosthetic buttocks 200-250 cc maximum.

In addition, the buttocks lipofilling surgery can only be done if the patient has enough fat donor sites. Precisely, in order to increase the buttocks volume, it is necessary to have about 300 ml of fat per buttock. Therefore, the volume of fat to be sucked should be of the order of at least 1 liter of good grease.

A second surgery after 6 months to 1 year from the first buttocks lipofilling may be required if the patient wishes to have even more voluminous buttocks, similar to the buttocks implants.

The limits of buttocks Lipofilling

Increasing the buttocks by is a very advantageous intervention aiming to fill the flat buttocks and making them look more rounded and curved, among its benefits:

  • Elimination of risks associated with implants or prosthetic buttocks such as shell prosthesis burst, waves or folds...
  • Thinning of the areas with excess fat thanks to the combination of liposuction with the lipofilling,.
  • The injected fat does not face any risk of rejection: the patient’s own fat.
  • Very discrete micro-scars caused by cannulas.
  • A natural feel of the buttock.
  • Ability to redraw the buttock and contours, to look more natural and harmonious than the result obtained by buttock implants. Indeed, with prosthetic buttocks, there is only the top half of the buttock filled.

The buttocks lipomolding increases the volume of the buttocks in a natural and permanent way, by injecting the patient's own fat and without prosthetics.

Buttock augmentation by lipofilling in Tunisia
  • The need of providing a significant amount of fat to harvest (minimum 1 liter of pure good fat).
  • The time of the lipofilling surgery is longer than that of the buttocks implants because the surgeon's work is longer and more thorough.
  • The augmentation can be only moderate.
  • In case of limited fat donor areas, it will not be possible to perform a second session of buttocks lipofilling.
  • The amount of fat absorbed by the buttocks can be different from one buttock to the other giving an asymmetrical appearance, which requires retouching.
  • Risk of bad "engraftment", resulting in fat necrosis with nodules of "fat necrosis", usually it is spontaneously reabsorbed or might need to get surgically removed.
  • Risk of formation oily cyst causing their surgical removal.
  • Possibility of having a second operation in six months to a year after the lipofilling intervention to conduct a greater increase in volume.
  • Excessive fat injection causes an increased risk of necrosis and oil cysts but also unnecessarily consumes fat reserve of the patient.
Buttock augmentation by lipofilling: Drawbacks
  • Full preoperative analysis
  • Observe the following medical guidelines:
    • Proscription of any aspirin based oral anticoagulant treatment and at least 15 days before surgery.
    • Stop oral contraceptives (pills) one month before surgery
  • Type of anesthesia: As with any surgery, buttocks lipofilling requires a classic general anesthesia.
  • Hospitalization : buttocks lipofilling usually requires 1-2 nights’ postoperative hospitalization (depending on the amount of fat removed).
First strep: Collection of fat by liposuction :
  • Select sampling areas of fat by three different factors: donor sites body fat, the required amount of fat determined by the doctor and the wishes of the patient.
  • The fat collection procedure is a liposuction carried out in a non-traumatic way, through minimal incisions.
Second, step Treatment of fat :

Following the method of Coleman, the fat harvested by centrifugation is treated or washed and filtered to separate the fat cells to be transplanted and leave them intact, from the rest of the elements that will not be grafted (oil, serum).

Fat engraftment-Buttock lipofilling
3rd time: Injection of fat in the buttocks :
  • The buttocks fat injection is done through very small incisions between 1 to 2 mm.
  • The fat injection is done in “drop by drop" technique through thin cannulas distributed on different planes (the gluteus medius to the skin) and following multiple paths to expand the area of contact between the fat cells grafted, which allows a better «engraftment ". The injection of grease is mainly on the upper part of the buttocks.
  • The volume of injected fat will depend on the available fat and the desires of the patient (from 300cc for each of the buttocks).
  • Wanting an over-correction knowing that the fat resorption is generally in the range of 30-40 %
Buttock lipofilling- Operation technique
  • You can feel moderate Pain during the first few days after surgery, mostly at the sucked areas, which will require the prescription of painkillers that will relieve this discomfort.
  • During the first days and even few months (1 to 3 months), it is quite common to notice the formation of edema in the treated areas.
  • For twenty days after surgery, bruises may appear and then disappear in a natural way.
  • Take into account that for the first 15 days, you do not sit or sleep on your back. However, the patient can walk from day 1.
  • Tiredness.
  • For a period of six weeks, the patient must wear a compression garment (jacket) 24/24, following liposuction.
  • Please get approximately 15 days of rest.
  • The return to normal is expected after 3 weeks.
  • For two months, the patient is prohibited to practice any sport.
  • An appreciation of the final result (volume and shape of the buttock) is estimated possible after 3-6 months after surgery.

The end result of a buttocks lipofilling can be enjoyed after 4 to 6 months. This intervention often ensures satisfaction: the patient will find full and rounded buttocks while having a well defined body contours and a curvy figure.

In cases where the patient wishes to put more volume in the buttocks, it is possible to carry out a second buttocks lipofilling session when the donor areas of fat permit.

The lipofilling technique necessarily implies engraftment between 60 and 70% depending on the patient, with a fat reduction of 30 to 40%.

The buttocks augmentation by lipofilling Surgery increases is permanent and definitive because the transplanted cells remain alive.

It should be noted that the fat cells, as they have a genetic memory, evolve according to the weight loss or the weight gain of the patient. It is strongly recommended to have a stable weight before buttocks lipofilling so that the result remains stable.

Buttock lipofilling results in Tunisia

Lipofilling of the buttocks helps to increase the volume of the buttocks in a final and permanent manner; fortunately with very few complications:

General complications :
  • Thromboembolic risk (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism), very rare.
  • Infections are unusual.
Specific Complications of the buttocks lipofilling:
  • Cystostéatonécrose by bad «engraftment ".
  • Oil cysts.
  • Defects result: asymmetry, excessive resorption, insufficient volume irregularities.
  • Risks related to liposuction in the areas aspirated.

The buttocks Lipofilling surgery has very rare and unusual risks. However, like any medical procedure, as simple as it appears, this procedure involves a small share of hazards. That said one should not overstate the risks.

The price of buttock augmentation by lipofilling Tunisia is 1900 €.

The price of buttocks lipofilling in Tunisia is very reasonable and cheap compared to the prices in France or Switzerland or other countries...

If you want a quote for your buttocks lipofilling in Tunisia, please contact Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda, free, without obligation or commitment.