Thigh lift in Tunisia

The inner thighs lifting also called crural lifting or cruroplastie is a body cosmetic surgery, allowing lifting the sagging skin of the inner thighs; it combines very often with liposuction in the inner side of thighs.

The loosening of the skin at the inner thighs is often a consequence of aging or a significant weight loss (obesity, pregnancy ...).

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The inner thigh Lift or crural lifting is ideally indicated for patients, women and men, with excess and sagging skin at the inner thighs with or without underlying fat infiltration.

Thighs Liposuction or thigh lift? In case of an inner thigh skin sagging, if a liposuction is performed in an isolated way, without the inner thigh lifting, it is not a good surgical indication and will not solve this unattractive aspect; quite the contrary, the skin sagging will be highlighted.

Thigh lift in Tunisia

Like arm lift, thigh lift suergery is the cosmetic surgery of the thighs that removes excess skin from the crotch, after performing liposuction on the excess fat underneath. This cosmetic surgery can tighten internal femoral skin to harmonize the thighs.

Thigh lift

As with any surgery, cruro plastie requires the performance of a complete preoperative assessment.

Smoking and oral contraceptives should be stopped one month before surgery.

Any medical proscription containing aspirin is prohibited during the first 10 days prior to the thigh lift surgery.

  • Type of anesthetizia : The thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Type of Hospitalization : The thigh lift requires a hospital stay of 2 to 3 nights in the clinic.

The fat and sagging skin analysis defines the operative indication and the technique to be used. There are two techniques to lift the:

  • Pure horizontal Thigh lift technique: it is indicated for moderate skin sagging, the horizontal scar is located at the crease of the groin (the root of the thigh) and extends the perineum and back at the gluteal fold.
  • Thigh lift combined in T technique: in patients with significant excess skin. A vertical scar is added to a horizontal inner thighs scar.
Thigh lift: horizontal technique
Thigh lift: technique combined in T

In practice, the steps of the inner thighs lifting are as followed:

  • The inner thigh Infiltration by a hypotonic solution.
  • Inner thighs Liposuction.
  • Skin peel minima and resection of the internal inguinal skin excess at demand.
  • Fastening the thigh flap ligament. This important technical, prevents the descent of the scar.
  • Skin suture.
  • Pressure dressing.
  • The intervention of thigh lift usually lasts two hours.

The thigh lift surgery usually lasts two hours.

The scars of the inner thighs lifting, depends on the technique adopted:

  • A horizontal scar only located at the root of the internal side of the thigh in case of using the horizontal technique, for a moderate sagging skin. This is the most frequent case.
  • Horizontal and vertical scars (in T) in case of significant skin sagging.
Thigh lift scars

The inner thigh liposuction is almost always associated with the thigh lift; in fact, thighs liposuction can:

  • Remove fat infiltration of the thighs to better align and refine the appearance.
  • Decrease skin peeling to minimize the risks.
  • In most cases, a drainage system is put in place for 1-2 days to reduce the risk of hematoma.
  • The Bandage is kept for 2 to 3 days, and then the scar is left in the open air.
  • The suture is absorbable.
  • The patient can take a shower immediately on removing the drains.
  • During the first weeks or months after surgery , The patient can present as classic and usual operating consequences:
    • Bruising (bruises) and edema (swelling): They are usually asymmetrical and variable importance. They gradually decrease after 15 to 21 days.
    • The inner thighs may experience a partial or total insensitivity.
    • The pain is generally unimportant and may be relieved through analgesics.
  • A work rest period of at least 15 days is required.
  • For a period of two months, stop any sports activity.

The assessment of the final result of the thigh lift is enjoyed after 3 to 4 months for the cosmetic result and 1 year for the scars.

Fortunately, the thigh lifting has very few, complications and a very low degree of risk as patients who go through such intervention are mostly very satisfied with the results they get. Nevertheless, one is never immune to unpredictable complications despite the skills of the practitioner. Br/> Complications are divided into two groups:

  • General complications :by presenting thromboembolic accidents (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism).
  • Local complications that arise from :
    • Risk of hematoma that will need an operation to evacuate.
    • Infection that can occur due to the proximity to a natural orifice (microbial cottage). A good pre and post operative hygiene, until healed, remarkably reduces the risk of infection.
    • Effusion linked to lymphatic flow, which sometimes needs to be punctured.
    • Scarring may last longer than expected, prolonging the healing time with no ill effects on the aesthetic result.
    • Very rare to occur, skin necrosis can be observed.
    • A transient decrease in the sensitivity at the top of the inner thighs is usual; the return to normal generally reappears within 3 to 6 months.

The thigh lift procedure is a cosmetic intervention with limited risks. Not to be overvalued but be aware of these risks since they are associated with any surgical medical procedure as simple as it is.

The price of thigh lift in Tunisia is 2,000 €.

The price of thigh lift in Tunisia is quite affordable and inexpensive compared to the prices in France or Switzerland or other...

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In practice
  • Procedure : Lifter aims to tighten the sagging skin of the inner thighs and lower fat infiltration behind, to restore its harmonious appearance.
  • Anaesthesia: General
  • Operating time: 2 hours
  • Length of stay :2-3 nights
  • Length of the overall stay :10 days
  • Convalescence: 15 days