Penoplasty in Tunisia

In recent years, the penis enlargement - consisting of elongation and / or the magnification of the penis- has become increasingly popular. Men have always worried about the size of their genitalia throughout history. Some use many non-surgical methods (pills, massages ...); but the only effective and the one proven to address the problems of the size and shape of the penis is surgery.

The penoplasty or penis enlargement is an intimate cosmetic surgery of the male reproductive organ. It relates to the size of the male (expansion and / or extension of the penis). The transformation is carried out either on the length of the penis, obtained by cutting ligaments, or on the width of the penis, using fat transfer techniques «penis fat transfer."

Often, in order to maintain a natural appearance of the penis, the elongation surgery and increase are performed at the same time, although one of the two can be performed alone.

We recall that we must have realistic goals before starting the penis enlargement surgery; this will avoid disappointment in the results.

For more information on this intimate surgery for man, the penis enlargement, you can contact Dr. Shiraz Bouzguenda.

According to multiple studies, the size "regular" male genital member is varies from one man to another. The size of a man's penis changes based on the state of rest or it is erect.

  • At rest :
    • On average, penis length is 9cm when it is at rest and 13cm when it is stretched at rest
    • Its circumference: 8.5 - 9cm.
  • In erection :
    • The average length of male genital member when erect is 13cm (12-16cm).
    • The average circumference when erect is 12cm.
Size-normal-penis -rest-erect
Size of a normal penis at rest and erect
  • A very small percentage of men have a very small penis, known in the medical term as micropenis, where his resting length is less than 4cm and to 7cm when erect. This is a very rare condition diagnosed at birth and treated at the earliest with hormones.
  • Men, Hung less than average, develop psychological inferiority complex and feelings of sexual inadequacy. The penis enlargement surgery is the best way to help these men.
Penis enlargement in Tunisia

The penoplasty or penis enlargement surgery comprises the magnification of the penis and / or elongation:

  • The penis enlargement surgery or penoplasty magnification or enlargement :
    the technique of penis fat injection is to enlarge or widen the penis, increasing its circumference with an injection of grease. This fat is extracted from the patient himself.
  • Surgery for penis enlargement or extension penoplasty :
    it concerns the increase in penis length by cutting the suspensor ligament.

These last two techniques increase penis’ length and have the ability to be practiced separately or together.

Penis enlargement surgery in Tunisia

In addition to decreasing feelings of sexual inadequacy, the penis augmentation surgery can boost confidence and self-esteem.

Because of the psychological implications, it is recommended to consult an advisor before resorting to penis enlargement surgery. A specialist is best able to discuss with you the concerns and circumstances of your condition, and provide all the information required for your choice. It is then time to clearly express your expectations and confront them with the reality and limits of medical results you hope to achieve.

For the success of the surgery, a complete shaving of the genital area is required.

The intervention of penoplasty is usually performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia.

It is possible to perform an outpatient penoplasty.

The penoplasty usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, taking into account if you have lengthening procedures or enlargement or both simultaneously.

    • Elongation penoplasty
      When this elongation procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision is made above the base of the penis at the suspensory ligament. The penis then falls a little lower. It is the external appearance of which will lengthen 1 to 2 inches (20 to 50%). The ligament is then attached lower than at the origin and a piece of skin taken at the area of the pubic bone, cover the new extension. Absorbable suture points will close the incision. This lengthening surgical procedure applies only when the penis’ length is at rest. The length of the penis during erection will be the same.
Penoplasty elongation
  • Magnification penoplasty
    The enlargement or increase of the circumference of the penis can be achieved by using fat extracted from the abdomen or thighs of the patient after it is centrifuged. The transfer will then be placed on the penis via injection « penis fat injection." Increasing the circumference or periphery of the penis can start from 1 to 2 inches (30 - 50 %). The result will be visible at rest and erect. If fat resorption risk inherent in lipofilling, and which can range from 30 to 40 %, a second session of lipofilling is expected after 6 months.
Magnification penoplasty

Rest and recovery period are required one week after the operation.

The penis will function as usual, during urination as well as during erection.

Analgesics may be prescribed in case of pain.

Using Vaseline or equivalent, massage the penis daily, will avoid any asymmetry of the penis and prevent the formation of irregularities.

Do not do any physical exercises for 3 - 4 weeks after surgery.

Stop all sexual activity for at least one month after surgery.

Pain and discomfort persist for several days. Edema, numbness and bruising will disappear after few weeks.

To avoid disappointment, it is crucial to have realistic expectations of this penis enlargement surgery.

The Enlargement of the male genital is a permanent surgery. The majority of men are satisfied with the results, both aesthetically and functionally.

The technique extends the penis elongation of 2 to 3 cm, which are visible only in the idle state of penis. Quant the magnification of penile surgery, it allows a gain of 1 to 2 cm in average circumference.

Results of penis enlargement in Tunisia

Like all surgery, rare complications can occur, this includes:

  • Bruising,
  • Infections,
  • Irregularities for penis lipofilling.

The price of penis enlargement in Tunisia varies according to the technique.

The price of penis enlargement in Tunisia is quite affordable and cheap.

To find out how much is a penoplasty, you can directly contact Dr. Bouzguenda.

In practice
  • Procedure: Increasing the male sex (penis), by cutting the suspensory ligament to stretch the penis, and / or by injecting autologous fat for penoplasty magnification.
  • Anesthesia: Local with sedation or general
  • Duration of hospital stay: Outpatient
  • Operating time: 1 hour
  • Duration of the overall stay: 4 days
  • Convalescence: 4 days.