Technical PRP

When one has suffered a collapsed face, declined skin, a dull complexion and wrinkles hypertrophied, impressions of others can affect confidence and ruin our life. new treatments in aesthetic medicine as PRP injections can be an alternative that contribute to the rejuvenation of your skin, without using any facial cosmetic surgery.

Indeed, the PRP injection is on the podium of the most used technique after the botulinum toxin and new hyaluronique. This new action in aesthetic medicine is early treatment you need is therefore, it is time to look for some youth in platelet-rich plasma injections.

This is an autologous treatment 100% natural, bio-stimulation, tissue rejuvenation and cell regeneration, obtained by the blood. Plasma collected serum contains a variety of growth factors, which allow them to form the collagen fibers and improve the texture of the skin.

Generally, this new procedure of aesthetic medicine can be used most often to rejuvenate the tissues of the dermis, accelerate epidermal wound healing in burn victims and treat muscle or tendon injuries in athletes. To fill the face, reshape the cheeks, diminish wrinkles or dark circles and reshape the facial contours, the recent process of PRP, helps you greatly improve facial appearance in few months.